This space supports that of many labels.   Self-realization; transformation; dissolution of the sense of separation; awakening; nonduality; Unus Mundus; embodiment of Christ consciousness/Buddha nature whatever term is used it is the return of the body to consciousness where it's been taken over by attachment to mind

Integration Session

In this depth work one experiences connection with unconscious material and purification of sense perceptions. The 'knowing' quality of mind - chitta - becomes more transparent. For those already established in ego dissolution or awakening, this process cleans-up the litter of the ego's programmed response, from the body.

How many sessions? This varies; for some there is an immediate shift and then months go by. For others there's a series of explorations over months. Some book a session when they sense something in life isn't working, for assistance with questions like, "To what in myself does this circumstance point? What wants to be seen?"

I'm a facilitator of the Soul Integration™ process by the THEO Group, Inc., yet each session is intuitive, drawing from the whole of my life-learning.

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Mind-Body Session

Bring a life situation. Where do you feel limited, victimized or confused? I sense patterns in speech and overall energy, and offer prompts and reflections back to you in ways your mind can receive. Afflictive thoughts and emotions are common. Cultural misunderstanding of how our body-mind works is widespread. You will have a clear understanding (and a solution) of how your thoughts, emotions and sensations work, and how they cause issues in your life.

"You yourself are you own obstacle, rise above yourself" ~ Hafiz

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