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Austin Texas is my home now but I grew up in the snowy silence & wild-berry summers of Canada. As a kid, I was compelled by the wild and adopted a tiny featherless crow. Sam taught me that crows are crooners. Earrings are for pecking at. Tools are to hide on rooftops. Dogs are to intimidate. A garden is for joy-bouncing in. And always the unexpected is with you. Sam lived free, often on my shoulder.

In my youth I had experiences of non-ordinary consciousness, one of them trauma related. The other was like touching Mystery. These experiences occur with many, but we don't talk about them. They left an imprint on me.

I went to work in the field of Environmental Science & settled into a long-term relationship. The relationship was not healthy, but I found it difficult to leave. I'd developed a woundedness-vibe, a sort of ‘I’m hurting, the world’s against me.’ When you see the world through those eyes, the world reflects victimhood back to you as your life.

This type of thinking is rooted in misplaced intrinsic value. As with all unconscious or shadow material, it had me in it’s spell. How to step out of beliefs that invisibly operates the search for them? This is shadow work.

Through the seasons of marriage, children, life & a divorce, I placed myself under the influence of mentors, certifications & practice groups. These included yoga, Jungian psychology, Thomas Keating's psycho-spiritual material, metaphysical explorations at the Monroe Institute, and intuitive development. I spent years with a self-inquiry group working with Maurice Nicoll's psychological commentaries. These years established an inner template of Atma Vichara - a form of self-inquiry.

Yet 'knowing' is embodiment - beyond intellectual understanding. Most limiting beliefs are not conscious or logical - they're body-memory. They can be passed on. We can absorb & re-radiate a parent's anxiety, and unknowingly weave it into our own life experience. I embraced parts work and became a practitioner.

You know how we refer to ourselves as parts, "a part of me just couldn't..." or "the artistic part of me longed to..." Well, my relationship with myself unfolds as 'parts' integrate into unity. There's an intuitive flow with life and a peaceful, joyful embodiment of intrinsic value that is beyond myself.

My journey thus far has been the dissolution of life-times of conditioning that clouded the light of being. A journey of freedom and knowing that I love to share with others. My Environmental work is now the inner realm, and quantuum physics agrees; world change is within. I discover what mystic Hildegarde of Bingen described - Viriditas, an inner lushness or mysterious growth.

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