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Austin TX is my home now, but I grew up in the snowy silence and wild-berry summers of Canada with my heart in nature. One spring I adopted a tiny featherless crow. Sam taught me that crows are crooners, earrings are for pecking, tools are to hide on rooftops and always the unexpected is with you.

In my youth were experiences of non-ordinary consciousness; one trauma, another an opening, like touching a Mystery. This happens with many, though these things aren't talked about. I went to work in the field of Environmental Science & settled into a marriage. It wasn't healthy, yet leaving was complicted. I used the tension of the situation toward self-knowledge and so began the search for limiting beliefs that operate the very mind looking for them. To solve a problem at the same level of the problem is where life becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy. I later wrote about it here.

Through the seasons of marriage, kids and a divorce, I placed myself under influences that included yoga and trauma training, Jungian depth work, Thomas Keating's psycho-spiritual material, nonduality and consciousness exploration at the Monroe Institute. I even spent 3 years in mediumship and psychic development, which were invaluable immersions into the nature of consciousness and mind. What a surprise to learn that two of the founders of modern psychology, Carl Jung and William James, also explored this realm of 'mental phenomenon.'

I discovered that we absorb and re-radiate a parent's anxiety or anger (for example) and weave it into our own life. I became an astute observer of body sensation, thought and emotion. In 2019 I was certified as a parts facilitator, a therapy modality. You know how we refer to parts, "the artistic part of me longed for..." or "the part always triggered by..."

Later in mentorship with a nondual therapist, I saw how intellectual understanding is only part of true self-knowledge. Awareness must penetrate the body, replacing conditioning and trauma. This 'process' (one of surrender, known as Ishvara Pranidhana in ancient texts) matches Jungian depth work; it's in the Upanishads, Buddhism and Gnostic Christianity. My experience is that body wisdom, intuition and 'knowing' replace the habit of over-thinking.

Somewhere in this journey, I began to dance. Literally and metaphorically. In grassy fields at night, with others and alone. What began as confusion and pain became a living relationship with life. Now my passion for the environment is, to paraphrase Jung, the lifting of shadow material from the world - the best political, social and spiritual work we can do.

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it." ~ Helen Keller

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